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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

DETERMINING WHEN IT’S TIME TO CHANGE TO YOUR ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS The capabilities of your ERP, financial accounting, CRM and other enterprise applications play a major role in the success of your business. If they function smoothly and allow your employees to focus on customer relationships and delivering products and services, you will likely thrive. But […]

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Modernizing to a Digital-First Organization

Transforming to a digital organization is the most critical step for any company that wants to continue operating post-pandemic. Learn about the six components of becoming a digital-first organization so that you can make strides toward not only surviving, but thriving. “The pandemic has brought into sharp relief how vulnerable companies really are. For many […]

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Cloud vs. On-premise ERP: Which Is Right for You?

It’s important to review ERP data and hosting requirements to determine the best hosting design for your business. We take a look at cloud, on-premise, and hybrid ERP hosting options. Researchers expect the ERP market to reach $86 billion by 2022 as adoption continues to increase. ERP, short for enterprise resource planning, is a must-have […]

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Avoiding Neglected Innovation and Other IT Pitfalls

Overhauling the IT environment for ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications can provide significant rewards in terms of improved productivity and revenue-generation capabilities. But the process can be coupled with significant costs and business disruptions if not managed properly. When businesses are developing an IT application strategy, we often see three common outcomes of poor […]

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Before You Sign That Software Contract

You’re about to accept a proposal for an online subscription for an ERP, CRM or other enterprise software package. The negotiations are far from over! There are still many details to discuss before you sign the contract to make sure you reduce your initial costs and to lock in your future costs as much as […]

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