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At its core, cloud computing is simply computing services available over the internet.

And that’s about where it stops being simple! Your infrastructure, development platform and software can all live in “the cloud.”

For as many cloud applications, there also seem to be as many cloud providers. And not to mention a mind-dizzying array of acronyms and buzzwords.

Despite its complexity, the importance of cloud computing continues to grow, as there are many benefits of cloud computing for business. Some of the most common cloud advantages include reducing costs, increasing security, expanding their global reach and accelerating innovation.

The cloud provides opportunities to accelerate business processes and innovation that were not even imaginable a few years ago. 

Cloud Computing Service Overview

Our team is experienced in a variety of cloud computing solutions, such as cloud migration strategy, cloud migration services and cloud-native design and development.

As a full-service business consulting and technology solutions company, we also can provide integrated solutions that complement technical cloud work. For instance, our change management services help businesses manage the process and workforce changes that come with moving to the cloud.

Finally, we offer a full range of support for leading-edge technologies such as IoT and Big Data. We have helped companies develop everything from small proof of concepts to full production implementations allowing them to innovate quicker and cheaper by leveraging the cloud.


Once a company decides to move to the cloud, one of the hardest decisions they will make is choosing a vendor. There is no right or wrong answer here, as the decision depends on your companies specific needs and whether you are looking for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or all three.

We are software agnostic but have established partnerships and work with many of the top cloud providers, including those listed below. Read more about our services:

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure




Where are you on your cloud journey?

Learn and Plan

You would like to learn and plan for a potential move to the Cloud.


Your organization is ready to move to the Cloud.


You want to optimize your Cloud investment.


You are ready to take the next step and accelerate your innovation using Cloud technologies.


If you’d like to learn and plan for your move to the cloud, here are steps we recommend:

Cloud Strategy

Moving to the cloud does not have to be overwhelming! We have found our clients are most successful when they take a systematic approach, with steady eyes on the business need at all times. 

We help clients outline the key drivers, business case and actionable strategies that help the organizations adopt cloud computing as an operating model and a technology. 

Cloud Assessment

To understand your technical environment we can review your current applications and infrastructure as they pertain to cloud readiness, future growth, modernization, and your overall general cloud strategy. 

The assessment will be divided into several distinct functional areas – Infrastructure, Security/Monitoring, Alerts, and Audit, Governance, Applications, Development and OperationsWithin each area, we will provide context regarding Current State, Best Practices, Analysis, and Recommendations. 

This assessment will provide a general roadmap towards understanding your infrastructure and business requirements. It will also provide you an important resource in planning and shaping your cloud goals and decisions. 

Supplier Selection

We strive to be vendor agnostic and will review factors such as available technology, pricing and client preferences to provide a customized cloud vendor recommendation.

Vendor recommendations may include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or a multi-cloud approach. 


Cloud Adoption

By having a Cloud Adoption Framework in place, you can facilitate a smoother migration to the cloud. It can help you build organizational buy-in, avoid common issues, move quicker, and ultimately meet your business objectives.

Our Cloud Adoption Framework will give guidance on six key perspectives common to businesses: BusinessPeopleGovernancePlatformSecurity, and Operations.

We will perform an analysis from each key perspective, identifying which business processes may need to be refined, where skills should be updated, and where there may be organizational misalignment.